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WMC 2015: Food-Related Events to Get You Through the Weekend

Winter Music Conference 2015 is in full effect, and if you want to get through a week of pool-party hopping and dancing till sunrise, you’ll need some sustenance in-between. But don’t worry, we’re not here to take away from all the revelry, which is why there’s plenty to eat and drink while still keeping the beat going.

From a dinner party where Petrossian caviar is on the menu to a plethora of brunches for all different party types, here’s where to get your food, drink, and dance on during WMC 2015.

Villa Azur Dinner Party
Every Thursday, Villa Azur hosts a weekly dinner party where there’s an overflow of food, drink, music, and dancing. And this week is WMC edition, which means all of the aforementioned but also zhantra dancers, live entertainment, and DJs Mark Ursa and Jetlag on the turntables. So order up some Petrossian caviar and a bottle of Moët — it’s Winter Music Conference.

Lunch at Katsuya 
Let’s face it: you’re probably not craving sushi before, during, or after a rave, but it’s a good idea to get some food in you prior to dancing and drinking in the sun all day. Something that won’t bloat or make you feel lethargic. Good thing Katsuya’s decided to open up their doors to partygoers for lunch this week. Indulge in favorites like the yellowtail sashimi with ponzu and jalapeño, crispy Asian chicken salad with plum vinaigrette, crispy tuna rice, and a plethora of sashimi and sushi. If you need something heartier, don’t fret – there are also items from the robata grill so you can rage without having to eat again until the sun goes down.

Eat Tacos
Taco mania has officially hit Miami, and WMC is the best time to experience it. After all, is there really something better between parties than carnitas and carne asada jerky? Head to Taquiza for both those things. Or check out Bodega’s secret bodega where the drinks are as potent as the party. And if you haven’t had breakfast, HuaHua’s breakfast taco with cheesy eggs, carnitas, hash browns, and cilantro. It’ll bring you back to life.

Bagatelle Brunch
In New York, there’s no other brunch with as much hype as Bagatelle’s. Dubbed the ultimate party brunch, it’s something everyone must experience for themselves, and this weekend you can because Bagatelle’s brunch is launching amidst WMC madness. If what you’re aiming for is to take a break from partying, maybe skip this. But if what you want is a giant burger topped with ham, cheese, and a fried egg with a side of shared cocktails, Moët, and a table-dancing mascot by the name of Ricardo, then head to Bagatelle Saturday or Sunday. Party ends at 5:30 p.m.

Exit Brunch at Morimoto
You’ve got two options here: a) brunch and only brunch at Morimoto; b) brunch at Morimoto and keep the party going at the pool. If you’re thinking the latter, we like your style. Brunch itself goes from noon to 3 p.m. and costs $48 ($100 if you’re staying for the pool party) and includes a bottomless bloody mary bar, made to order omelets, chef Morimoto’s housemade bacon, roasted wagyu rib, bento boxes, cheese and charcuterie, pastries, and basically everything else you imagine a brunch at Morimoto to have.

Barbecue at Barceloneta
Come Sunday, you’re not going to feel too good. Clear that conscious and cure that hangover with Barceloneta’s “No Regrets Hangover BBQ.” Starting at noon, the barbecue will feature a live DJ spinning something “chill,” an DIY open bar where you can create your own hair of the dog, be it a michelada, bloody mary, or mimosa, and of course barbecue. Think lots of chorizo. 

Lazy BBQ at The Standard
Close out WMC 2015 in thumping style with the sounds of Guy Gerber and some grilled items at the Standard’s lazy Sunday BBQ from noon to sunset. Enjoy burgers and barbecue from the Lido and sip on pitchers of mojitos from one of the city’s best pools with sweeping views of the bay. Maybe even partake in a mud bath. No, you can’t eat the mud.

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