Guarapo Now Open in Wynwood: Juices to Cure Hangovers, Acne, Flu

That 16-ounce pineapple, carrot, and apple blend might help even out your skin tone, while the combination of fresh-pressed ginger, green apple, garlic, and carrot ($6.95) might boost your circulation. These juices are listed under the extensive "remedies" section at Guarapo Organic Juice Bar, a new addition to Wynwood's bustling food scene. As the name implies, nearly everything here is organic. However, there are also plenty of nonliquid items to choose from in addition to the plethora of juice options. 

In early 2013, owners Karen Franco and Edwin de los Santos opened the first and only other Guarapo location on 79th Street on Miami's Upper Eastside. "Guarapo" means sugarcane juice, which is obtained by using a special machine to crush peeled sugarcane. Naturally, the shop employs has such an apparatus and offers plenty of beverages that incorporate cane juice. For instance, the Ganne pairs mint, ginger, lemon, and cane juice ($6.50 for 16 oz.), and the Berry Cane fuses strawberry, blueberry, and cane juice. These juices are very sweet, but pleasantly so. What's more, it's said that when consumed regularly, guarapo can lower cholesterol, improve sexual performance, and increase sex drive. Wynwood store manager Jose Zavala says that drinking cane juice postworkout helps avoid muscle cramping and that he uses it instead of Gatorade. 
The store also serves smoothies made with almond milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk ($7.50 to $8.95 for a 16-ounce cup). Food-wise, there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The power wrap features egg whites, quinoa, spinach, roasted bell peppers, feta cheese, and olive oil on whole wheat ($7.50). There are also quinoa bowls, a make-your-own salad station, and sandwiches. Guarapo isn't all vegetarian, so you can get your meat fix via the kale pesto chicken sammie on Ezekiel bread ($8.75), or opt for a sun-dried tomato turkey wrap made with natural turkey breast, a bean mix, and spicy chipotle sauce ($10). Soon there will be soups too, but right now the less-than-month-old juice spot is still getting everything organized. 

Guarapo offers delivery in the area, but it's also a nice place to relax while enjoying a meal or beverage. The theme is urban jungle, complete with a wall garden, wooden chairs, and green and orange accents. Stop by next time you want to get rid of a headache, cure a hangover, or, you know, just get something healthful to eat and drink. 

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Valeria Nekhim was born in the Ukraine and raised in Montreal. She has lived in Manhattan and Miami. Her favorite part of food writing is learning the stories of chefs and restaurateurs.