Flapjack Flip-Off X: Picnic

As part of our annual competition to determine the best pancakes in town, we visited Picnic Miami, which picked up the coveted On Second Thought, Maybe I'll Have Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack Award. Its boom-boom soundtrack at 11 a.m. proved only slightly less distracting than the ESPN sports highlights flashing across a screen the size of the actual playing fields.

When we browsed the menu and asked for pancakes, the waitress kept with the Picnic staff's tradition of being quaintly erratic -- and inquired how we'd like the eggs, even though they weren't mentioned. Yet the three-stack was fresh, steamy, thin, tender, and sweet -- sort of like what you get when you prepare the Swedish pancake mix sold in supermarkets. Very tasty, though oversnowed with powdered sugar. Coffee poured from a fresh pot was good and strong. Overall, the pancakes were solid if unconventional, but the ambiance was horrid -- like a picnic basket of breakfast goodies unpacked in a sports bar during disco night. Three (thin) pancakes, $6; coffee, $1. Total: $7.

Picnic Miami
1400 20th St., Miami Beach

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