Two Teens Arrested for Shooting 15 at Nightclub the Spot; Incident Stemmed From High School Fight

UPDATE: A second teen has now been arrested.

According to WSVN, an unidentified 15-year-old who also attends Norland High has been arrested in connection to the shootings.

Police believe they have in custody the person responsible for shooting up the Spot nightclub and leaving 15 people injured. The suspect is a teenager, 17-year-old Will Campbell, and police think the incident stemmed from a fight that occurred at Miami Norland Senior High.

Campbell will face one charge of attempted first-degree murder and 15 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

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"One of his friends got involved in a fight, and when him and his friends arrived at the Spot, they found the other person involved in the fight there," Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said, according to NBC Miami. "He was told that [another patron] was the other juvenile involved in the fight. So he took out a gun and shot that juvenile, who's in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He also shot at the crowd as he was running away, hitting 14 other people."

Campbell had been at the club with some friends, but police believe he was the only one who pulled the trigger. However, two types of bullet casings were found, which means a second gun, and perhaps a second shooter, was involved.

The man Campbell originally targeted remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The other victims' injuries were less serious.

Campbell had previous arrests for obstructing an officer and marijuana possession. He is talking to police in the presence of his mother and will go through the juvenile judicial system for now.

The incident happened at the Liberty City nightclub September 27, and the victims ranged in age from 11 to 25 years old. Police are still trying to figure out why so many underage patrons were at the club. The Spot's manager, Tiffany Johnson, was arrested late last week after police found liquor behind the bar at the club, which has a permit to sell only beer and wine.

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