South Florida Native Altidore Sets Up Tying Goal, Worst Ref Ever Robs U.S. of Win

Whew. So how exactly is a U.S. soccer fan to feel after this morning's nail-biter against Slovenia?

Pissed that the defense slept through the first half to give the Slovenes a 2-0 halftime lead?

Exhilerated that the Yanks pulled off a stunning second half comeback to walk out with a draw?

Or furious that Malian ref Kouman Coulibaly stole the biggest comeback in our nation's soccer history by disallowing the winning goal for no reason whatsoever?

So many emotions! What the hell, let's toss in a little hometown South Florida pride as well for Boca native Jozy Altidore, who bounced a perfect header to Michael Bradley for an assist on the tying goal.

This much is certain -- even the complain-iest American couldn't bitch that this was a boring match.

For the 37th consecutive time, the Yanks came out shockingly flat, ceding a blast just outside the box to Valter Bisan in the 13th minute.

The Americans countered with some decent attacks, but then let the not-so-immortal Zlatan Ljubijankich walk into the box unmolested for a stunner a few minutes before half.

This is the point where we should mention that the nation of Slovenia is about the size of Detroit, and the Americans were 45 minutes away from getting knocked out of the World Cup by them.

Fortunately, the boys in the beauty-pageant sashes came out firing in the second half. Donovan rocketed in a crucial first goal three minutes out of halftime, and the Americans never let up until Altidore's header set up Bradley's tying goal with eight minutes left.

A few minutes later, Maurice Edu poked in the winning goal on a cross through the box -- only for the Malian ref to cement his candidacy for worst ref of the year by waving it off.

Why? Imaginary offsides? Mystery foul? Even he seemed to have no idea why he blew his whistle.

Jim Joyce, incredibly is going to have a run for his money for most hated official in the land.

When it's all said, we should be happy to walk out with a draw and at least a shot at advancing out of the group stages, although it's probably going to take at least a two goal drubbing of Algeria.

But seriously. F#@ you, Koulibaly!

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