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NFL Wants to Send The Dolphins Back to London Next Season

The Miami Dolphins enduring popularity in England remains one of life's great mysteries. Maybe Dan Marino is one of the few NFL players they can name. Maybe they really like our colors. Maybe Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a huge cult favorite over there.

Whatever the case, the Dolphins win against Oakland in Wembley Stadium in Week 4 was such a success that the NFL is eager to ship the team over there again next season.

According to the Palm Beach Post, NFL brass has pretty much all but decided that they want the Dolphins to play in London next season. Though, they're not sure which game to chose, and may very well be a home game. Meaning the 'Fins might play one less game than regular at Sun Life Stadium.

The Post also adds that any team who hosts a Super Bowl must play in London within five years of that game. The Dolphins plan to start seriously pursuing Super Bowl hosting duties again now that upgrades to the Stadium are expected to be complete by 2016. That's next Super Bowl up for grabs is 2019.

One of Florida's other team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, also gets regularly shipped to the UK, but that's amidst rumors that the NFL would someday like to move the team their regularly. That's not the case with the Dolphins likely, but the team's still low home attendance probably means NFL execs won't think twice about taking away a home game from Miami and giving it to London.

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