Miami Beckham United: Could This Be the Name of Miami's Soccer Team?

Earlier this week, David Beckham's investment group, Beckham Brand Limited, officially registered a new corporate entity in Miami called Miami Beckham United, which has led some to believe that this odd title could be the name of the Major League Soccer team he eventually brings to Miami.

UK newspaper Metro writes Beckham is "proving he may still be one chip short of the whole block if suggestions about the name of his new Major League Soccer franchise are anything to take seriously."

However, Beckham's publicist told the paper that there was "no truth" to the report. Though, there is indeed a freshly registered entity called "Miami Beckham United, LLC." It's unclear if the publicist was trying to deny everything or just that this name may eventually grace the team.

Even in America's MLS, soccer teams don't always adhere to the [City Name] [Masculine Sounding Nickname] format. Miami indeed already has a minor league soccer team called Miami United F.C., and D.C. United already plays in the MLS. Similarly, corporate sponsor names often find their way into team names as well, like the New York Red Bulls. Though, we don't know of any team named directly after their owner.

Of course, this does all bring up an interesting point: what should the team be named? Part of us would rather prefer Posh F.C.

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