I-95 Lexus Lanes: A Major Mistake

Why are we taxpayers wasting $330 million to build Lexus lanes on I-95 north from downtown Miami? They are supposed to reduce congestion, but all they have accomplished so far is create confusion and traffic back-ups -- sometimes even more in the express lanes than the regular ones.

The state tells us it is going to guarantee cars can go 50 miles per hour in these lanes. It will encourage hybrids and carpooling. It all sounds so wonderful.

When the things were approved -- and they should be finished in 2011 -- the state's secretary of transportation, Stephanie C. Kopelousos, said this: "The 95 Express project will help boost the economy and improve the quality of life of all South Floridians by managing congestion."

Baloney. Yesterday afternoon, as on several other occasions when I have headed this way, the express lane was backed up to hell while regular ones were moving better. Overall, it has worsened the commute north.

Department of Transportation 95 Express project leader Debora Rivera points out that about 300,000 cars a day travel the highway. Some break down or crash into one another. "We do believe that when tolling begin, these lanes will function as they are supposed to. But crashes and disabled vehicles are a fact of life."

Your tax dollars at work! Hey, why not give these guys $700 billion to bail out a buncha rich bankers. We know it'll be spent wisely.

Chuck Strouse

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