Hurricanes: No Coaching Announcement Today

Breaking news: Nothing happened in a meeting between University of Miami Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt and ESPN Monday Night Football analysts Jon Gruden this morning.

The Miami Herald is reporting that The U will not be making any head coaching announcements today, even though ESPN and twitter and and that guy in accounting with the chronic coffee breath keeps insisting that Gruden will, in fact, be the new Hurricanes head coach. Hocutt and Gruden did meet this morning in Tampa, but a UM source said a job offer was not made and that the meeting "was purely an exploratory conversation."

This entire episode has been quite delightful to watch unfold, if over-the-top, saturated 24-hour coverage of rumors and bad reports is your thing. And it just wouldn't be a Miami-news related item without a little absurdity thrown in for good measure.

As for the so-called exploratory conversation, it seems that Hocutt made his pitch and now the University and Canes fans will just have to wait and see if it was enough. Although we're pretty sure a lot of the conversation was about possible recruits Gruden would go after.

"Let me tell you about this guy," Gruden probably said after Hocutt pointed to each possible recruit on his list. "THIS GUY is a football player. I tell you what, this guy steps onto the field every time the game starts. That's why I call him 'The Shoe.' I LOVE this guy."

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Chris Joseph