Florida Man Arrested for Threatening to "Hunt Down" and Kill Obama on Facebook

After 28-year-old Melbourne, Florida resident Christopher Castillo made a Facebook update informing his friend that he was going to "hunt down" and kill President Obama, a friend informed him the threat could be considered a federal offense.

"I wouldn't call it a threat but more of a promise, let them come after me..." he replied.

And, guess what? The Secret Service totally came after him, and he's sitting behind bars right now.

Castillo made the posting just two days after President Obama's reelection and said he wanted "watch the life disappear from his eyes." The story is quite similar to that of a Miami man who also ended up behind bars for making threats to kill the president.

Once in custody, Castillo didn't back down. According to Florida Today, he told Secret Service investigators that he still wanted kill Obama and that the president was a terrorist.

According to the arrest affidavit, Castillo claims "he made the comments out of severe anger towards [sic] the President for his views on health care and said 'we're all going to be screwed.'"

When informed that his threats were breaking the law, he replied that it "doesn't matter."

Florida Today reached Castillo's father who says his son served in the Air Force, and is a married father of three. He explained that his son thought his Facebook profile was private, and wasn't too concerned that his son was going to actually harm the president.

"He barely has enough money to get back and forth to work, how's he going to do anything to the president?" he told the paper.

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