Dwyane Wade Traded to the Miami Heat
Photo by George Martinez

Dwyane Wade Traded to the Miami Heat

He's back: Luke Babbitt has been traded to the Miami Heat in exchange for Okaro White! Rejoice, Heat Nation. Your prince has returned to Miami to pursue an NBA championship.

Oh, and your king is comin' home too.

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Yes, Dwyane Wade is once again a member of the Miami Heat. No shit. Serious. For reals, for reals.

In a stunning turn of events sure to get Heat fans' hearts pumping, the Heat traded a heavily protected second-round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the rights to, eh, yanno, JUST THE GREATEST ATHLETE IN SOUTH FLORIDA SPORTS HISTORY. Oh, and Wade comes at a fraction of the $20-million-plus contract he would've earned this season if he'd accepted Miami's offer two off-seasons ago.

Pat Riley. Still the GOAT of this NBA GM game.

OK, now that we've all danced around and hugged one another, we can get back to reality: Dwyane Wade is a past-his-prime player who will serve limited roles for the Heat this season. Seriously, this is probably not a big deal.


As you might have guessed, Twitter had a reaction to the news that DWYANE-FREAKING-WADE WAS TRADED TO THE MIAMI HEAT.

We'll update you more once this is triple-confirmed to not be some sort of sick joke. If it is, we're definitely canceling our Twitter subscription.


Whose house? Welcome home, Dwyane.

And welcome back, Gabrielle!

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