Stitches Got Knocked Out After Trying to Confront the Game at Story

UPDATE: According to a police report, Stitches (Phillip Katsabanis) and several accomplices were seen driving outside Story in a white Porsche. Club security and surrounding officers were alerted of a "brewing confrontation" between a club performer [the Game] and several defendants. They then asked Stitches to leave, but he didn't. He and his crew eventually got out of their car and walked toward an "aggressive crowd." That's when the knockout blow — delivered by Cash Jones McElroy, the Game's manager — landed. When McElroy didn't back off after Stitches fell to the ground, officers tasered and arrested McElroy. Both Stitches and McElroy were arrested after the incident. McElroy was charged with battery.

If you've been following Stitches lately, you probably know two things: One, the human race is heading in an interesting direction, and, two, he's no fan of the Game. 

Stitches, whom we profiled a year ago, has never been shy about speaking his mind, and one of his biggest and most publicized beefs is with the L.A. rapper. Like most rap beefs, it materialized seemingly out of thin air but has since solidified into a very real verbal battle between the two men. It started when Stitches called out the credentials of the Game's past gang affiliations. The two went back and forth on social media for a while, and then, it appeared, things simmered down. 

But last night, the situation went from virtual to very real in what was apparently an altercation between Stitches and the Game's manager outside Story in South Beach. The whole confrontation was caught on video.

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This morning, a video surfaced of Stitches outside Story, filming himself as he was apparently about to confront Game. Though they wouldn't let Stitches inside the club, he waited outside with Zen-like patience.

"I'm right by yo' whip," he said outside Story's doors while standing next to a silver Mercedes he claimed belonged to Game.

Police were aware that something was going down, according to the incident report. "The off-duty units were alerted by club security personnel of a brewing confrontation between a club performer and several co-defendants who were continuously driving in front of the club in a white Porsche," the report states. The incident began at 4:16 a.m. outside the club, located at 136 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach.

Stitches, 20, and his crew disobeyed orders to leave, and when they saw Game's entourage, they hopped out of the car and approached. That's when things went south for Stitches, who approached Cash Jones McElroy, 38, the Game's manager. The report describes the escalation thusly:

Instead of getting back in their vehicle and leaving, they walked towards the aggressive crowd. Mr. Jones, who was standing with the other members of the aggressive crowd, moved towards Mr. Katsabanis and got into a verbal altercation. As the off-duty officers moved in to prevent any escalation, the altercation turned physical when Mr. Jones struck Mr. Katsabanis with his right fist. As Mr. Katsabanis fell to the ground, he momentarily lost consciousness.

After Stitches got leveled, Cash Jones McElroy was tasered by police and brought into custody. Stitches was charged with resisting arrest without violence, failing to obey a police officer, possession of marijuana, and knowingly driving with a suspended license. McElroy was charged with battery and resisting an officer without violence to his person. 

The Game took to Instagram after the fight to add insult to injury. 

Stitches' previous brawls have been documented on YouTube, but this one is sure to leave a bruise on his ego.

Stitches made his Instagram account private after the altercation, but returned to Instagram over the weekend, his face more bruised than a punching bag full of bananas. He took some more shots at the Game in a brief video message but has since made his account private once again. 

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