Horse Meat Disco at Electric Pickle: Five Reasons to Love the Queer Disco Party, Even If You're Straight

Any disco music lover has probably heard of Horse Meat Disco, the London collective made up by promoters and DJs James Hillard, Severino, Luke Howard and Jim Stanton. Together they go around the world reintroducing audiences to the somewhat forgotten genre. What started at London's Eagle nightclub has turn into a global dance party.

And, yes, it's technically a gay party, but even if you don't swing that way that shouldn't stop you from checking it out. Because any dance music lover has to pay respects to where EDM started (and yes, disco helped push it out to the masses before anyone even knew what house music was) and how far its come along. (Here's hoping we put a stop to Skrillex destroying it.)

So gays, hipsters, and music history nerds, you are going to want to stop by the Electric Pickle tonight. Here's why ...

5. They're British.
That automatically makes 'em cool in our plebeian American minds.

4. Donna Summer podcast.
The late disco queen left us earlier this year, so the HMD guys put together an amazing mix of nothing but Summer tunes. Even the staunchest EDM snob will admit the genre owes a lot to Donna Summer. (Perhaps with a little help from Giorgio Moroder.) Listen to it and get your dancing shoes ready.

3. Italo disco, nu-disco, plain ol' disco.
Horse Meat Disco, as the name implies, is all about disco music and all the variations that come with it. So whether it be Bravo, Hercules & Love Affair, or the Bee Gees, everything seems to be fair game. We're hoping for some Hi-NRG too, because no night is complete without listening to Tapps' "My Forbidden Lover."

Also, don't forget to check out their releases Horse Meat Disco and Horse Meat Disco II (both out on Strut). The compilations revisit old classic -- and often forgotten -- disco gems. "It draws on the same rich seam of obscure, yet instantly recognisable string-laden disco stompers," said Resident Advisor of the second installment.

2. The world loves 'em.
"1. This a party for everyone.
Horse Meat Disco is a queer party that's notoriously straight-friendly. No one is going to ask you who you are sleeping with before they let you in. In fact, HMD describes the party as "the queer party for everyone; Homos and Heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla [sic] drag queens and ladies who munch." So not to worry straight guys, you'll probably end up getting laid at the end of the night by some girl. But, hey, if you get drunk enough and "experiment" no one is going to judge you.

Horse Meat Disco. Friday, June 29. Electric Pickle, 2829 N Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets $15 via residentadvisor.net. Doors 10 p.m. 305-456-4513; electricpicklemiami.com

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