Eight Great Songs by Seven Fake Bands

Who's the greatest fictional group of all time? Is it Erie, Pennsylvania's The Wonders or Doug Funnie's favorite band The Beets? What about The California Raisins, the claymation cover band originally molded to advertise the California Raisin Advisory Board? They were pretty sweet in their heyday, even landed an animated television deal with CBS in 1989.

Whether you love it or hate it, fake bands are part of America's pop cultural DNA--just like radio rock, PG-13 summer blockbusters, and morbid obesity. So we've searched the interwebs for the best fake music ever written for film and/or television, and we are proud to present eight great songs by seven fake bands.

8. The Wonders' "Dance with Me Tonight"

Yeah, "That Thing You Do" blew them up. But "Dance With me Tonight" really displays their rock 'n' roll roots. The Wonders might be the best fake band ever.

7. The Beets' "I Need More Allowance"

"I need more allowance" isn't just about wanting a raise, it's a commentary on the materialistic society we inhabit. We've become a society of whiny bitches, and all we think about is frivolously spending coin on shit we don't need, like CDs.

6. Stillwater's "Fever Dog"

5. The Folksmen's "Joe's Old Place"
What the folk? Are those the dudes from Spinal Tap?

4. Spinal Tap's "Listen to the Flower People"

3. The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar"
The Archies were a popular cartoon garage band that released LPs on the back of cereal boxes. Don't believe us? Check this shit out.

Speaking of marketing gimmicks...

2. The California Raisins' "I Heard it Through the Grapevine"
In addition to selling dried grapes, the California Raisins also promoted literacy, yo.

1. The California Raisins' "Books, Check 'em Out"

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