Deaf Poets Say "Bring Lots of Clean Underwear" to Gig with Teepee, Lil Daggers, Axe and the Oak

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How's your Best Summer Ever checklist coming?

It's nearly August. So by now, you should've had a steamy, deodorant-free fling with a foreigner who mispronounced your name; totally taken, like, a day trip to the Keys or somewhere, bro; gunned that minivan around the Homestead Speedway on amateur day; spent the night at the haunted insane asylum out by the Everglades ...

But if you've been doing the same dumb shit you always do only sweatier, there's still time to salvage the rest of summer. Good thing Miami's two-man garage rock hurricane party, Deaf Poets, have just booked a Churchill's Pub show along with Teepee, Lil Daggers and Axe and the Oak. Plus, Toad Eyes and the Jellyfish Brothers will be playing the back patio, and it's all just five bucks.

Deaf Poets know a little something about doing summer right. Sean reports, "While Nicolas is currently in Argentina dousing up on carni and homemade wine, I've been enjoying this eventful summer in Miami."

But it hasn't all been bath salts, championship rings, and Maybachs for the band.

"Besides the utterly mind-busting heat, the ocean's warm and we've been relaxing, rehearsing, songwriting, and recording our upcoming album," Sean says. "We're speculating that the album will drop anytime before the world ends this year."

The band's also gearing up for its Churchill's show. And Sean tells us, "Come on August 18 for your last handful of Miami's Endless Summer. If you ain't local, then drive down, shack up with an old fling, and bring lots of clean underwear. Should be a fun packed Saturday night."

Sure as hell should. Best Summer Ever!!!

Deaf Poets and Teepee with Axe and the Oak, Lil Daggers, Toad Eyes, and The Jellyfish Brothers. Saturday, August 18. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover costs $5. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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