Legitimate pop star and party starter, Calvin Harris.
Legitimate pop star and party starter, Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris DJing His Way Into Mansion November 6

Calvin Harris is a chart-topping pop superstar. In the UK, of course. In America, he earns a bit of a blank stare. Why? We aren't sure. He proved he's definitely able to compose killer hooks with tracks like "Girls," "Acceptable in the '80s," and "I'm Not Alone." And then you've got his boyish good looks and sugary melodies, which probably earn him instant panty-dropper status with the groupies ladies.

So why hasn't Harris achieved success stateside? That might have to do with not having major-label support and poor marketing. While he enjoys the backing of Columbia Records and EMI in Europe, he's relegated to Ultra Records here. But it's only a matter of time before the majors realize their error.

On November 6, take the opportunity to soak up Harris before MTV finds out about him. He's no stranger to Miami, having performed here several times, including a couple appearances during Winter Music Conference. This time the show's at Mansion, where all you'll get from him is a DJ set. But considering he more than adept behind the decks, we'll take it!

Tickets are on sale now for $25 at Wantickets.com. And just so you fully understand this man's pop and dance skills, check out a selected anthology of original work and remixes below.

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