Blowfly's 69 Most Pornographic Love Songs

​Clarence Reid sings "Nobody But You Babe." But Blowfly belts out "Nobody's Butt But Yours, Babe." Different names, dissimilar topics, same wacky dude.

Our man Blowfly's been taking songs sung at bar mitvahs and filthying them up since he was just a young guy in Georgia. He claims he first reformulated Chubby Checker's wedding anthem "Do the Twist," personalizing it as "Suck my Dick." A movie based on the young poet turned cape wearing crooner is premiering in his adopted hometown of Miami at O Cinema this Thursday. The Weird World of Blowfly" will make you laugh, cry, and yell, "Look! It's Hialeah!"

You can always put on Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs  when you're feeling dreamy. But these 69 fuck songs by Blowfly are fit for the horniest of days. Let this porno freak reveal himself to you.

69. "Suck Around the Clock"

68. "Without Your Pussy"

67. "All Fucked Up"

66. "Blue Balls"

65. "My Dick First Got Hard"

64. "Get a Blow Job"

63. "Fuck in Her Behind"

62. "Porno Freak"

61. "I Smell You"

60. "My Daddy Got the Biggest Dick"

59. "Ten Commandments of Sex"

58. "Suck My Dick"

57. "You Could Fuck"

56. "Gonna Fuck Her"

55. "The Girl Wants to Fuck"

54. "Don't Pull It Out"

53. "Only Gets Hard For You"

52. "International Pricks"

51. "Whole Lotta Fuckin' Goin' On"

50. "I Refuse to Eat Cock"

49. "Big Dick Brown"

48. "Nobody's Butt But Yours, Babe"

47. "Prick Ryder"

46. "Panty Lines"

45. "There's a Whore"

44. "Who Did It Eat Last Night?"

43. "Can I Come in Your Mouth"

42. "My Baby Keeps Farting In My Face"

41. "Hole Man"

40. "Hold On It's Running"

39. "Shitting on the Dock of the Bay"

38. "To-To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)"

37. "The Eater"

36. "Spermy Night in Georgia"

35. "Odd Balls"

34. "With a Child's Dick"

33. "Butt You"

32. "Funky Spermy Days"

31. "The Sperm Is Gone"

30. "Disco Pussy"

29. "Cum & Shit"

28. "Shake Your Ass"

27. "Bad Fuck"

26. "Suck It"

25. "Spread Your Cheeks"

24. "Freak Out"

23. "Kiss It All Around"

22. "Let's Do It on the Ground"

21. "The Power of Pussy"

20. "Show Me a Man Who Don't Like to Fuck"

19. "I'm Jackin'"

18. "Clappy, Clappy Me"

17. "Agent Triple 0 69"

16. "Don't Suck Me No More"

15. "You Would Suck Me"

14. "Fuck the Girls"

13. "Juice It Up"

12. "Eatin' Pussy"

11. "Freddy's Dick Is Dead"

10. "Suck Train"

9. "Niggaz Ain't Shit"

8. "Cream On"

7. "Niggaz In A Bar/Integrated Education/Fart Contest"

6."Baby Let Me Do It to You"

5. "Aries - If Eating You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right"

4. "Taurus - The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick"

3. "Sagittarius - Everyday I Have to Suck Some"

2. "Libra - Let's Suck Together"

1. "I'm Your Pussy Man"

The Weird World of Blowfly. Screening Thursday, September 29, through Sunday, October 2. O Cinema, 90 NW 29th St., Miami. Tickets cost $10.50 plus fees via eventbrite.com. Call 305-571-9970 or visit o-cinema.org.

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