Black Devil Disco Club Gig Set for the Vagabond This Friday is Canceled

Bad news for record geeks: The DJ set/performance by Black Devil Disco Club scheduled for the Vagabond this Friday night is canceled. And although DJ bookings by people with complicated names are a dime a dozen in this city, this one was rather special. While the name sounds like any hipster-approved dance-producer-come-lately, Black Devil Disco Club is actually the handle of the elusive French producer Bernard Fevre. He first appeared in the late '70s with an outer-space sounding record of electronic music that, well, nobody got, and quickly sank. Luckily, people like the Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin rediscovered it, and in recent years Fevre has been producing more weird, future disco, this time with updated technology. 

The other bummer thing about the cancellation is, Fevre's U.S. "tour" consisted of just a handful of dates. Miami was only one of a few cities he was set to play (the others were New York and Detroit, with some West Coast dates scheduled in the future). So you can blame New York for killing our good time, because a forced rescheduling of his performance up there forced his cancellation down here. Boo. His promo folks say there might be a rescheduling, but as the word they're using is "canceled" rather than "postponed," don't hold your breath.

Well, you can still live vicariously through his excellent forthcoming new album, The Strange World of Bernard Fevre. It's a mix of new tracks and reissues from his debut EP, which should provide a good introduction to the timelessness of his sound. It's due out October 6 on Lo Recordings. 

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