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While references to scuba diving plus spearfishing equal cinematic half-hallucinations from Jaws and The Deep for many, truth is that diving, like its unrefined cousin swimming, is a skill that can be learned as well as taught. The teaching part is where Aquaknots comes in -- the dive shop has a loyal, three-decades-worth following of those who, like mermaids and mermen, would dwell if they could all the time beneath the waves. Mario Ginoris, with partner Manny Seoane, bought Aquaknots nearly fifteen years ago after working on the store's sales staff for some time beforehand.

Seoane and Ginoris maintain one of the largest inventories of dive supplies in town, along with the unique sideline of custom-made spears for the avid, and experienced, spearfisher.

For the beginner, Professional Association of Diving Instructors classes are offered. Don't worry about being an oceangoing fledgling, though. Even entry-level students get out of the tank and into the open water for a fair number of classes.

Best Local Landmark
The Freedom Tower

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Scotty’s Landing in Coconut Grove

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Solid gold

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Walk South Beach on Friday night

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The best weather and the best people

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