Top Gun in 3D? Five Film Spoofs We'd Rather See in Three Dimensions

If there's one decade we never want to revisit, it's the '80s. Needless to say, we were devastated to learn that Top Gun is being converted to 3D. Early this morning, the Hollywood Reporter announced that a four-minute, three-dimensional teaser "featuring the 'Danger Zone' aerial flight sequence," had been screened in Amsterdam at the International Broadcasting Convention.

Ron Hummel, whose company, Legends3D, is converting the film, tells Hollywood Reporter that "Top Gun lends itself to 3D due to the aerial flight," and believes there is "great potential for catalog titles in 3D." Top Gun also lends itself to douchebaggery, and a 3D re-release of the film would inevitably trigger frat bros 'round college campuses to start giving one another pet names like Ice Man and Goose. And worst of all, "Danger Zone" will creep back into top 40 radio stations' playlists.

We say skip Top Gun, convert Hot Shots! We'd much rather watch a comedy than a chick-flick disguised as an action film. Check out our list of spoofs films Legends3D should convert after the jump.

5. Hot Shots!

Charlie Sheen's much cooler than Tom Cruise, and his movies about fighter pilots are much better. There's just as many flying sequences in Hot Shots as there are in Top Gun, plus Topper Harley drops a bomb on Saddam Hussein. What did Maverick do that was so great?

4. Airplane!

Arguably the best spoof of all time, Airplane! lends itself really well to 3D because a plane breaks through an airport terminal, Leslie Nielsen's nose grows when he lies, and Lloyd Bridges jumps through a window. If that's not enough reason, there's that great scene when everyone on board the plane starts panicking and a random pair of boobs show up in the frame. 3D boobs? Yes please.

3. Mafia!

Referencing everything from Forrest Gump to the Godfather, Casino to The English Patient, Mafia is one of the most underrated spoofs off all time. It also has a lot of 3D-friendly moments, like vase throwing, gun fights, and eye poking.

2. Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad

Leslie Nielsen. Dude was comedic gold, and as Detective Frank Drebin, he's the absolute best movie cop of all time. There's no real reason why Naked Gun should be re-formatted in 3D, it's just one our favorite movies.

1. Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks' politically incorrect comedy film was already in-your-face in 1974, even without 3D. It's only fitting that a three-dimensional re-release premiers in an our uptight, PC era.

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