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The Ten Best Gyms in Miami

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5. CrossFit Miami Beach. CrossFit locations are scattered across Miami-Dade, but its Reebok Miami Beach outpost takes exercise to the next level. It offers world-class equipment for CrossFit workouts, Olympic lifting, endurance training, and gymnastics. The gym stocks a variety of pullup bars, ropes, gymnastics rings, free weights, kettle bells, and rowing machines. Every day, the gym offers an hourlong WOD, or "Work Out of the Day," which includes a full-body warmup and mobility routine, followed by strength or skill work and a metabolic conditioning workout. On Saturdays, the 10 a.m. class is free for all. Prices start at $30 per class, with monthly memberships ranging from $150 to $185. 930 Alton Rd., Miami Beach; 305-397-8655;
4. Flywheel North Miami. Similar to SoulCycle, FlyWheel is another boutique spinning studio gaining popularity across the nation. Each class lasts 45 or 60 minutes and includes 30- to 60-second races, rhythm riding, and sprints, promoting a competitive atmosphere. The studio also offers FlyBarre, a total-body sculpting class that blends light weight training, dance, and core-strengthening exercises. Plus, a Jugofresh is next door, perfect for a postworkout treat. Get 20 rides or barre sessions for $480, making each class cost about $24, or combine wheel and barre classes to get the best and quickest results; an unlimited monthly membership costs $300. 14861 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami; 305-901-1860;
3. Barry's Bootcamp MidtownDozens of health enthusiasts enter a loud, sweaty, dark room at all hours of the day. Instead of making lines for a famous DJ, they rush through its doors to get a front-row spot near one of its celebrity trainers. What feels and sounds like a club is actually Barry's Bootcamp, an elite fitness studio with outposts in Miami Beach and midtown Miami. Every class follows a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) regimen, which combines high-energy bursts of activity with short periods of lower-energy activity, followed by a cool-down. Barry's offers a unique workout each day that targets different areas, such as arms and abs; butt and legs; chest, back, and abs; and the whole body. The hourlong workout includes 25 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25 to 30 minutes of strength training with free weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls. Prices start at $30 per class; packages range from $145 for five classes to $1,200 for 50. 3252 NE First Ave., #105, Miami; 786-725-5791;
2. Redbike. This home-grown indoor cycling studio, with a flagship in Brickell and an outpost in Aventura, wants to revolutionize the standard-gym vibe by making it a place people want to get excited about. Redbike’s studios are technology-free, turning the focus from calorie-burning and miles ridden to feeling good and trying your best. A range of classes is offered each week, from traditional 45-minute rides to themed classes and “Champion” sessions, where workouts extend an additional 20 minutes. Depending upon your availability, opt for five- or ten-class package or a monthly membership for $200. 1399 SW First Ave., #102, Miami, or 18725 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura;
1. ClassPass AppStep machines, treadmills, and free weights get boring after a while. But many inventive, boutique-style fitness studios and personal-training sessions cost a fortune, from about $300 to $1,000 a month. Get the best of both with ClassPass, a happy medium where cost and variety meet halfway. With the app, users pay between $40 to $115 a month to attend up to 270 studios across Miami-Dade. There's a catch: A user can go to the same studio only three times. Still, with most of these studios charging $25 per class, you're practically making your money back with just one. Participating studios include Green Monkey, the Fit Shop, FlyWheel, JetSet, Vixen, Legacy Fit, and Crunch Fitness.
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