Test of Love Reality Show Casting Engaged Couples at Gables Country Club

Making a new marriage work is hard enough. Add a reality show to mix, and chances are you probably won't even reach 8 years - the average length of first marriages. But we're sure that won't stop throngs of engaged couples from flocking to the Country Club of Coral Gables Feb. 19 to audition for a spot on a new reality show called Test of Love.
Go ahead, join them. Laugh in the face of marital karma. Trade in authentic vows for made for TV sound bites. But be warned, in order to make the final cut, you'll probably have to fly your freak flag like a Snooki, crazy housewife or a basketball (non) wife. Read on for details on how to curse your marriage before it starts.

The show is looking for 12 engaged couples to compete in a series of

tests of love, hence the snazzy name. At the end of each episode,

according to the show website, one couple

will be eliminated in what we can only imagine will be a Tyra Banks

type dismissal from America's Next Top Model. Expect tears, ill will,

and we'd bet on some marriage cancellations.

The couples are competing to get the ultimate prize--the right to get

married. No that's not right. They could do that regardless. The winners

actually win a free wedding package that includes luxury wedding at the

Gables Country Club, a honeymoon in the Bahamas, a wedding dress, and

tuxedo for the groom. But we know the real prize is the chance to

embarrass yourself and significant other on television.

There's not that much information about the show available as of yet;

the website says it will be broadcast in the USA and Canada. That's

probably because the show is the brainchild of the Liberty Entertainment

Group based in Toronto. The company has a variety of business interests

including operating entertainment venues, among them the Gables Country

Club, which they took over in the last decade.

And though we're rooting for success of another

local reality show, participants should be warned-- they don't always

turn out like you hope. Just ask those involved with the Work

of Genius debacle filmed locally several years ago. It has yet to air and is

mired in litigation. Oh, by the way, that show also featured 12


Register for the Test of Love casting call online or show up at the

Country Club (997 North Greenway Dr., Coral Gables) on noon February 19. For more information, call

305-392-0819 or visit

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