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Six Celebrities You Won't Find Occupying Wall Street

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Several celebrities have shown their support for the 99% by showing up at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. When it happens, Fox News is quick to point out dumb shit like Kanye West showing up in a $355 designer shirt or Alec Baldwin raking in "big bucks for starring in commercials for Capital One Bank." Per usual, Fox misses the big picture and celebrities like Russell Simmons have to spell it out for them.

"This is about the money in Washington, the whoring, and the politicians," he told a Fox reporter. "A celebrity is valuable and some of them realize it and loan their celebrity to things they believe in."

However not every celebrity is in line with Occupy Wall Street protestors. We doubt we'll see Kelsey Grammer at an Occupy demonstration or Mel Gibson holding "99%" signs. Those dues are far too busy counting their money. Check out list of celebrities we're not expecting to occupy anything other than their mansion.

6. Victoria Jackson

Miami-native and SNL cast member Victoria Jackson is an odd chick. She's a homophobe, a radical crusader for Christ, and worst of all, a strong supporter of the Tea Party. She's totally not down with the 99%, but did hit up the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York to make a "statement" about the people there. Instead, a University of Maryland grad student made her look like an idiot.

5. Hank Williams, Jr.

This dude's about as conservative as they come, and unless he can go turkey hunting on Wall Street, you wont catch him occupying a tent with some well-read, socially conscious liberal art major. No sir, not in God's country.

4. Jessica Simpson

Daisy Duke was a major supporter of President Bush back in '04, and when it was reported that she "snubbed" W at a 2006 fundraiser, the singer-turned actrees's dad, Joe Simpson, was quick to shake that nonsense off. "We are huge fans of his and of his family. Jessica loves the heck out of him." We're betting she's against the Occupy movement. Hell, we'll be she doesn't have a clue as to what's going on.

3. Kelsey Grammer

Fraiser's a die-hard republican and the spokesperson for RightNetwork, a right-wing television channel prides itself on being "pro-business" among other things. Sounds like the 1% to us.

2. Mel Gibson

Hollywood's most notorious anti-semite is also an über-conservative. He's a racist, an alleged wife beater, and raging alcoholic. Gibson's the old dude yelling at the 99% to "get a job, commie."

1. Rich Uncle Pennybags

He's the face of real estate, literally. The Monopoly, known in some circles as Frank Moneybags, embodies everything the 99% is not. He's rich, powerful, and smells like money. Dude's good a counting dollars and taking it rain big business. You won't see him at Occupy Wall Street, but he's totally planning to buy it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.