South Beach's Ten Best Dance Clubs

South Beach's Ten Best Dance Clubs
Photo by Liliana Mora

Just the other week, we here at Crossfade were all "everyone knows South Beach parties, but let's talk about the great clubs of downtown." And we did, and it was good. But we know what you really want to do.

Y'all wanna "party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn." Well, calm down Big Willy Style ...

Here are South Beach's ten best dance clubs.

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South Beach's Ten Best Dance Clubs
Photo by Logan Fazio

10. Chalk

Do you like your dancing with a side of drinking games? Where else can you get your groove on and challenge a hottie to some pool or ping-pong? Chalk is that spot, and it's the "only green-friendly lounge on South Beach," so you're really being an environmental dance activist just walking through the door.

South Beach's Ten Best Dance Clubs
Photo by Jipsy

9. Don't Sit on the Furniture

This place is a baby, as in, it's pretty brand-spanking new, but it's already carving itself a place in the hearts of Dade County hipster house heads. It's small, it's dark, and it's wonderfully decorated. It's kind of weird when the lights come on and you suddenly see the faces you've been dancing shoulder to shoulder with for hours. But when it's dark and muggy, it's got that true underground magic.

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