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LIV Plans $10 Million Renovation for Tenth Season, Will Reopen This Fall

Let's take a journey down memory lane to 2007: Rihanna's "Umbrella" ruled the radio, subprime mortgage owners were defaulting by the thousands, and the Fontainebleau was undergoing a $1 billion renovation. Its crown jewel was to be LIV, a 1,100-person-capacity nightclub that would become the premier party destination for celebs, glitterati, and wannabes looking to live like royalty for an evening.

Well, that was a fun trip! But it's 2017. LIV is a decade old. How many nights have you wasted away in the most notorious megaclub in the Western Hemisphere? How many times have you emptied your bank account on drinks, only to empty your stomach into the nearest toilet a few hours later? It might seem strange, but the ultrasuccessful, ultraprofitable club — earning nearly $45 million in 2015 alone — is now a Miami institution, and to make sure it stays that way, it's making a few changes.

Next week, LIV will close for the summer to prepare for a $10 million renovation. Club owner David Grutman has hired design firm ICrave to oversee the project, expected to be finished in time for a grand reopening in the fall.

“We are in the business of fun, and in order to create that experience, we need to be focused on every detail," Grutman says. “By updating LIV with the latest technology, we can say with confidence that we are creating the next-level party.”

And what might that technology be? For starters, the club is installing "massive" LED walls and more than 400 LED panels that will change with the thumping EDM, according to a news release. A "soaring" projection-mapped stage will let DJs create custom backdrops, and the club says it will incorporate works from local Miami street artists, as well as update the space with new flooring, bars, wall coverings, and "Hollywood squares."

But the flashiest addition will be the one above everyone's heads. The club is outfitting its central dome and steel "spider" trusses with a "robotically controlled" LED chandelier that will dance to the music. And you thought LIV couldn't get any more outrageous.

All of this might have you feeling nostalgic for the old space, which is why the club has booked a jam-packed final weekend ahead of July 4. Lil Yachty will appear June 30, Kaskade will play July 1, and Kevin Hart will host closing night, July 2.
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Douglas Markowitz is a former music and arts editorial intern for Miami New Times. Born and raised in South Florida, he studied at Sophia University in Tokyo before earning a bachelor's in communications from University of North Florida. He writes freelance about music, art, film, and other subjects.