Industrious Resolutions

Miami artists share their wry hopes, sly hopes, and high hopes for the coming year

Patato Valdez
Legendary percussionist known as the "Cuban Leprechaun", featured in the "Latin Meets Jazz" series at Stephen Talkhouse

My Masterpiece album is coming out in January. That's the last thing I did, with Michel Camilo, Joe Santiago, Andy Gonzalez, Jorge Dalto, Artie Webb, Jerry Gonzalez, Steve Dario, Orlando Castillo, Moreno, Sabu.... I'll be here for a couple more weeks, then I've got to get moving. I'm going to France and Germany, some other places.

Diane Ward
Lead singer of the rock group Voidville
The band's immediate plans are that we'll be doing a CD, and that's our goal for next year. And we'll be traveling outside of South Florida. We were doing that last year but we'll be doing it even more so.

Peace on Earth, and all that.
Betty Wright
Internationally acclaimed soul singer

I've already got a new single out called "For Love Alone" and the album is titled B-Attitudes. It's on my label, Miss B, distributed by Solar Hines.

I describe this album as "songs with feeling for your heart healing." I felt there was a lot of music now that's not addressing common human emotions. I've always been known as a storyteller, and we tell stories about our lives. There's so much violence in young people's music and I understand that because violence is so prevalent in our society today. So young people are telling their state of mind and I'm telling my state of mind.

I remember when I was in the tenth grade and I read a book by Victor Frankl called Man's Search for Meaning. Ever since reading how he survived Auschwitz, I've learned to survive using Logo therapy. By picturing myself away, at a nice lake or whatever, I almost believe I'm somewhere else. I'm telling you, it works. That's the source of my survival A God and that give me strength of mind. Kids today need to read more and read stories about people who've accomplished things. No matter if it's about a plumber, it should be an accomplished plumber. Read about someone who did something good.

I think whatever you do, just be great at it and don't worry about failure. Maybe God has something better planned for you than you think.

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