The Five Best Sunday Brunches in Coral Gables

Nicknamed the "City Beautiful," Coral Gables is one of South Florida's oldest and most historic areas, making it a pro at offering great Sunday brunches. Known for its tree-lined avenues, majestic buildings, winding roadways, and lots of green space, the city is also celebrated for its diverse culinary landscape.

On Sundays, restaurants open their doors to offer boozy breakfast-and-lunch mashups. From Southern-inspired and Latin-infused feasts to iconic opulence, here are the five best Sunday brunches in the Gables.
5. Swine Southern Table & Bar
Pork, sweets, booze, and a side of Southern charm are on the menu for brunch at Swine Southern Table & Bar. This "house of worship to the porcine pursuits" is a Southern-style meat-lover's paradise, and the brunch menu is no exception. Whatever you decide to brunch on, make sure bacon is involved. Those with a hearty appetite should consider the farm eggs and maple sausage sandwich ($15), stacking fried eggs, sausage, cheese, and tomatoes between buttermilk biscuits.  4. Bulla
Bulla (pronounced boo-ya) is Spanish slang for "what everyone is talking about." And Sunday brunch at this Spanish gastropub is exactly that. Try the huevos Bulla, one of the restaurant's most beloved plates. It's made with a jumbo egg, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, and truffle oil. It's mixed together tableside to guarantee that every bite is perfect. Word of advice: Don't plan on sharing. It's a surefire way to cause a rift between you and your guests.
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