Bulla's Brunch Offers a Taste Spain in Coral Gables With a Medley Tapas and Sweets

Bulla (pronounced boo-ya) is Spanish slang for what everyone's talking about. And Sunday brunch at the Spanish gastropub on Ponce de Leon Boulevard is exactly that — Bulla

Stroll into the eatery just after 11 a.m. and face your first choice, seating. Take your pick between chic, high-top tables around Bulla's bar or venture to the upstairs dining room for a more relaxed and intimate experience. There's a small, outdoor terrace too, ideal for 75-degree and sunny autumn Sundays. 

Now decide between the special brunch tasting menu or regular, tapas-style brunch menu. Your best bet is opting for the tasting menu, and adding a few extra tapas dishes on the side for the table to share. 

The tasting menu is $27 per person and gives diners three small- to medium-size dishes plus bottomless sangria or mimosas. It's divided between "Huevos" (eggs), "Tapas y Raciones" (small plates), "Platos Familiares y Bocatas" (larger plates and sandwiches), and "Dulces"  (sweets). 

One of your three choices has to be the huevos Bulla, one of the restaurant's most beloved plates. It's made with a jumbo egg, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, and truffle oil. Once brought to the table, it's mixed together to look like a gooey, egg and potato-chip dish that's guaranteed worth every bite. Word of advice: Don't plan on sharing. It's a surefire way to cause a rift between you and your fellow eaters. 

With two choices left, pick between something sweet and salty like the melon con bellota, made with watermelon, heirloom tomato, bellota ham, and truffle honey; another egg-centered dish like the huevos benedictos with a poached egg, hollandaise sauce, seared chorizo, and asparagus; or their coca, a flatbread with Mahón cheese, quail eggs, caramelized onions, oyster mushroom, and bacon.

There are larger dishes too, that count for two of your three options: The bistec a caballo with grilled skirt steak, jumbo fried eggs, shoestring potatoes, and salsa rosa; or the cochinillo hash with shredded suckling pig, jumbo poached eggs, breakfast potatoes, and garlic confit. 

If you have a sweet tooth, select either the blueberry and ricotta pancakes; the French toast with orujo-infused brioche, vanilla-berry syrup, and white chocolate Chantilly; or the churros con chocolate made with traditional fried dough, chocolate sauce, and dulce de leche, as one of your three choices from the brunch tasting menu.

Don't forget, you still have more than 40 additional dishes on their regular brunch menu. Try the traditional gazpacho, which is a Spanish-chilled vegetable soup; or their montaditos de salmon ahumado with smoked salmon, organic cream cheese, truffle honey, and dill pollen. There's also hazelnut waffles with homemade hazelnut spread and chocolate shavings. Yum. And that's just a taste of their 40-item brunch menu.

Now you know why Sunday brunch at Bulla is bulla, AKA what everyone is talking about. It runs every Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 a.m.

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