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The Cheese Course, Open in Midtown, Selling Gourmet Sandwiches

They've got stank cheese, foreign cheese, mild cheese, and bold cheese, cheese with meat, cheese with friends, and more cheese than you can shake a cheese at.

That's right, The Cheese Course (3451 NE 1st Ave, suite 100) is open in Midtown Miami, right next door to the new Primo Pizza.

In addition to selling cheese, The Cheese Course also makes gourmet sandwiches, salads, and quiche, serves beer and wine, makes coffee, and sells specialty food items in small jars with fancy labels.

It's not cheap though. A roast beef sandwich and a fountain soda shot my bill into the $12 or so stratosphere, and that was without a bag of chips.

All sandwiches are priced between $7.45 and $8.45.

Some of the cheeses they use in sandwiches are fresh mozzarella, aged cheddar, pecorino toscano, asiago fresca, jalapeño monterey jack,  and fresh goat cheese. If that sounds like your bag of cheese then The Cheese Course is for you.

Log on to for more info, though as of now the website only reflects the existence of their Weston location.

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Jacob Katel
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