Ten Fruits Now Open in Coral Gables: Hemp Milk, Dragonfruit, and Acai Bowls

Ten Fruits, downtown's uber-popular eatery and juice bar, has just opened a new location at 2516 Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables. Fresh-pressed juices and acai bowls oughta be a welcome addition to a neighborhood chock full of steakhouses and pork joints.

The new spot, just steps from Miracle Mile, has a lengthy menu of health-conscious choices, from juice cleanses and whole wheat waffles, to smoothies and Greek yogurt. We got the skinny on the just-opened eatery and tried a couple of their newest items, including hemp milk. Yum. Check out the deets after the jump.

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The Ten Fruits team (co-owners David Polinksy and Alexander Vazquez) is dogmatic about freshness, so all juices are made to order -- pasteurization is not an option. Ingredients like acai, pomegranate, chia seeds, and other exotic additions are all sourced by Vasquez, a Peruvian juice-master.

"Juicing is really complicated. People don't appreciate how technical it actually is, so it was great to have gone through that process downtown; to learn every single step because it's all about quality control," Polinsky said.

The team's commitment to edible excellence has earned them a loyal following in downtown (and some killer Yelp reviews). They hope to garner an equally enthusiastic reception at their new locale.

"People are excited. Everybody who came through this morning was like, 'Oh, this is what I want!'" added Vasquez.

The Ponce location offers up the same favorites as the downtown branch, including the Andean Elixir, a blend of quinoa; banana; lucuma; maca; carob; honey, and almond milk ($8), and the Super Green, a mix of cucumber; avocado; blueberry; spinach; chia seed; spirulina; almond milk, and honey ($9) -- plus alluring new items like the Red Dragon, a concoction of dragonfruit; mango; banana; pomegranate; almond milk, and agave ($8.50) and the Maca Shake, a fusion of maca; banana; hemp seeds; Medjool dates; almond milk, and vanilla ($9).

We sampled a few of the newbies. The Red Dragon, with its gorgeous, all-natural fuschia hue, had a piquant yet mildly sweet flavor about it. The Maca Shake, toothsome and luscious, was worthy of an after-dinner treat. And the Mr. Green ($8.50), complete with spinach; kale; mango; banana; wheatgrass; spirulina; almond milk, and honey, offered a pleasant, satisfying way to get your leafy greens.

In addition, they have a full lineup of Panther Coffee options (plus Panther-trained baristas); Peruvian sammies and empanadas; super salads; whole wheat waffles; fresh Greek yogurt; quiches, and a juice pharmacy featuring blends specifically designed to heal your various ills. The new Ginger Fix, for example, is a hot blend of almond milk, chia spices, ginger, and agave ($6.50).

We can't forget the hemp milk. As the only juice bar in Miami that makes it in-house (as far as we're aware), their light, spicy milk is totally unique. It's slightly nutty, with a gentle sweetness and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla ($7.50). Try it. Seriously. It's good for you.

So, should you be looking for a lunch option that's not artery-clogging, get your toned rear end over to Ten Fruits. They're open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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