Ten Fruits: Exotic Juicing in Downtown Miami

Miami's fledgling juice movement is spreading to downtown Miami with the opening of Ten Fruits, a juice bar that features exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and herbs and from South America.

Ten Fruits, which opens today at 143 NE Thirrd Ave., will serve up fresh pressed extractions, house made frozen yogurt, gazpachos, blended juices, and acai bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days per week. From March 11 - 13, Ten Fruits will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. After that it will be open 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. daily.

In addition to juices, caffeine addicts can get their fix with a full selection of Panther coffees including their cold brew ($3.50), traditional drip ($2.50 - $3.50), and espresso ($2.50). Whole beans are also available to take home.

Partners David Polinsky and Alexander Vazquez operated burger shops in

Vancouver and got burned out on serving fatty foods and living with the

constant rain.

Polinsky told Short Order that Vazquez, who makes his own

frozen yogurt, originally wanted to a yogurt shop. The concept expanded

into a juice bar and in preparation, Vazquez, who studied the handling

and processing of fruits at the University of Peru in Lima, spent the 18

months creating juice recipes for the shop.

Polinsky told us that they're "trying out a lot of experimental

juices" made with exotic South American berries, nuts, and herbs. "The

juices have enough nutritional benefits that they can be used as a meal.

We'll use goji berry acai, maca, quinoa, hemp protein -- all of which

have health benefits. But we don't like to be preachy."

If you think maybe Panther Coffee doesn't fit in at a juice and

yogurt shop -- think again. Polinsky told us that coffee is the original

energy drink. "We actually think coffee in moderation is healthy.

Panther does a very traditional Italian roast that balances acidity and

sugar. that mean you don't have to add anything to the coffee to make it

taste great."

Fresh pressed extractos start at $4 for a 16 ounce orange and go

up to $9 for blends like the Spa Day, a detoxifier made with ginger,

carrot, cucumber, apple, and lemon.

Blended super jugos are 16 ounce natural blends that are available in

both savory and fruity blends. Most are $9.

Frozen yogurts made from scratch are tart and contain less sugar than

the usual fare. A small no-topping cup starts at $4 and goes up to $9

for a large with toppings.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.