Smart Bites Cafe Now Serves Wheatgrass, Fermented Quinoa, Energy Soups, and, Soon, Crickets

According to the owners of the newly opened Smart Bites Cafe, crickets and worms are the protein source of the future.

But even if you're a little squeamish about this forward-thinking food source, you can still find plenty of healthful (and more socially acceptable) edibles at the Wynwood-area breakfast and lunch spot. Think wraps, salads, and juices -- all conveniently served near Miami Dade College's Medical Campus.

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Previously, owners Will Ltaif and Mari Vila were doing healthy catering on their own via Smart Bites to Go -- creating Paleo meal plans for CrossFitters and those looking to lose weight. Now they have a storefront in what's known as Miami's "Health District" (thanks to its large concentration of medical and research facilities).

The spot is all about healthful, locally grown eats: wheatgrass shots, fermented quinoa, energy soups with sprouts, and lots of other nutritious options.

Eventually (possibly as soon as next week), bugs will make it to the menu, Mari says.

"We're planning to incorporate some bugs in our cooking," she adds. Those bugs would be crickets and worms, for their high protein content. They would, of course, be optional.

The menu also includes vegetable egg muffins, sprouted homemade buckwheat cereal, a quinoa fruit bake, a make-your-own salad, a veggie burger, and lots of other energy-sustaining eats.

Their goal isn't to convert everyone to their way of life, she adds, but to simply educate folks.

"We're not trying to turn people into vegans or vegetarians, just trying to let people know the benefits of what we believe in."

In the long run, they want to get more involved with the community and teach schoolkids how to grow their own food and eat clean. They also plan to continually increase the sustainability of their own operations.

"Eventually, we want to have a self-sustained building and grow everything here on site," she says.

In the meantime, you can pop by 791 NW 20th St. for some healthful chow. Smart Bites Cafe is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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