Pieducks Opens Second Location In Midtown: $30 Primo Pizza

Pieducks "mostly organic" pizzeria is branching out with a second location in Midtown that is now open for business. The current restaurant (next to Brickell Irish Pub) has limited seating, but this newbie is for delivery only. The mysterious storerront looks like an abandoned warehouse with a fresh coat of ivory paint. There has certainly been a midtown vacancy in the artisanal pie competition since Jonathan Eismann exited stage left, shuttering his Pizza Volante. It remains to be seen if there are enough consumers in the area to support a non-destination business.

The traditional open flame brick oven has been replicated, so existing fans of their charred, bubbly pies can now order in before partying at Bardot. They make their dough from spring water and "winter wheat" from Montana; not that we know the difference between wheat originating in Montana versus, well, anywhere else. The edited menu does not differ from the Brickell outpost, so you will still find unusual signatures like the "D Bacon" (bacon, feta, mozzarella and green olives? To each their own I suppose), along with "make your own" pizza options in both full and half-pie topping splits.

The issue here may be the cost commitment. An 8-slice, 16-inch "specialty pie" will run you anywhere from $15.99 to $21.79. Want to add something fancy, like ground sirloin or prosciutto? That will be an additional $6.60. When compared to nearby contender Primo Pizza (which sells by the slice and also delivers), you pay the same price point, but get 18-inches worth of pie instead. One block further down the road and you can make a pit-stop at recent newcomer, Egyptian Pizza, who offers a 12-inch pie starting at $9.95. These financial decisions can be very tricky.

The real kick in the ass is that a restaurant offering only one option, delivery, charges a fee to actually deliver. That cost is $1.75, with a $10 minimum per order. Worth it? Only you can decide. They are open every day from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Pieducks Pizza
3500 North Miami Avenue, Miami

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