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Panther Coffee Opening in Coconut Grove

Panther Coffee is opening in Coconut Grove.

Coconut Grove Grapevine posted an announcement and Leticia Pollock has confirmed the coffeehouse will open at 3407 Main Hwy., next door to Vinos in the Grove. The space already has a giant red panther logo on the windows, a clue that Panther is on the way.

Pollock tells Short Order that just a day after she and husband Joel signed a lease on the space, "they put this big, beautiful panther on it."

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Pollock says that even though plans were already announced for Panther Coffee outposts in Little Haiti and MiMo, the Coconut Grove location will actually open first. "We plan on opening in October. This is a superquick one."

Pollock says the Coconut Grove location will be most similar to their Sunset Harbour space, with indoor and outdoor seating and supplies to make coffee at home.

She adds that she and Joel are eager to open in the Grove. "It's a beautiful neighborhood, and we're excited to get to know it better. We have a lot of customers who live in the area, and it just seemed like the right moment."

In the past, Coconut Grove has struggled with its downtown area. The neighborhood, which was known as a thriving artist and boater community, went through some hard times, with vacant shops. But in the past few years, restaurants such as Lokal, Vinos in the Grove, and Strada in the Grove, as well as a robust real estate market, have made Coconut Grove a desirable place to live, work, and dine. Leticia Pollock agrees. "It's a very beautiful, historic area that's going through a change, and we thought this was a nice indication that we should be a part of it. We really like our new landlord, who took us around and showed us the neighborhood. We felt it would be a very good relationship. Besides, we've always felt that great coffee can find a home anywhere."

In addition to coffee, the Coconut Grove Panther location will offer exclusive sodas, juices, beer, wine, and pastries from the same vendors Panther customers have grown to love. "We've spoken with our vendors, and they're all excited about our expansion and are on board."

Pollock adds that we won't be hearing about more Panther Coffee openings for a while after this expansion. "Within about a year and a half, we'll have five locations. That was our goal. After we're all settled in with our five Panther Coffees, we can take a breath. Then, and only then, will we talk about doing maybe five more."

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