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Momi To Open 24 Hours and Open New Location...Maybe.

Momi Ramen's recent opening in Brickell has caused a noodle wave effect in the Magic City. Everyone is asking about Jefrrey Chen and his oodles of noodles. Yet, on a Saturday night at 2 a.m., when the neighborhood is packed with loads of drunk civilians, we are the only ones sitting around the wooden communal table.

Maybe it's because there's a girl standing outside screaming at the top of her lungs for what we think is her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) to let go of her phone. This continued throughout the entirety of our meal.

Still, an empty restaurant allows for the one very authentic Japanese server to talk to us about thIs one very authentic Japanese establishment. Had the place been filled, we might have not found out that its owners are planning on opening a Japanese BBQ joint.

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That's right. We thought we heard wrong too, and had to ask five different times to ensure the message wasn't getting lost in Japanese translation.

Momi Ramen will extend its empire to include nearby location. Actually it's right next door. Similar to Momi in its architectural house-like design and size, the place will have a similar concept. At Momi, people sit around and quietly slurp their noodles and broth. At "Momi BBQ" (our temporary name for it) guests will sit around a communal grill bar, where food will be cooked right in front of them and served over the counter, literally.

And that's not all. Our server also told us that Momi will be extending its already late hours to 24 hours beginning sometime in the next couple of weeks. That's a whole lotta noodles. And if you don't have cash around the clock (Momi only takes cash), 7-Eleven is conveniently located around the corner. We called the next day to find out if it had been a figment of our imagination or the server just telling us what we wanted to hear, but no one answered the phone. 

So we returned to ask in person and to scope out "Momi BBQ" in the daytime. We got some half confirmation and the below pictures.

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