Marilyn Merlot Goes Nude

In 1949, Tom Kelley, Sr. snapped a series of nude portraits of Marilyn Monroe that have come to be known as the "Red Velvet" series. One of these photos - "Pose 8" - appears on the label of The Velvet Collection's new Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. The discreet golden overlay atop Marilyn can be peeled back from the label, revealing the original image.

Other wines in the Marilyn line include Marilyn Merlot; Norma Jeane (a young Merlot); Sauvignon Blonde; and Blonde de Noirs sparkling wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is described as being "as generously proportioned as the legendary Miss Monroe". The Pose 8 Cab is being offered in magnum (1.5L) and 750ml bottle, each packaged in a sealed and numbered presentation box. The magnum retails for $200; the 750ml bottle is $69. It probably isn't necessary for us to point out that these prices likely reflect things other than quality of the grape. The wines can be ordered via toll free phone (866-MMWINES) or here.  

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