First Sonic in Miami-Dade: Restaurant on Roller Skates

​​The first Sonic to ever open in Miami-Dade County received a huge welcome from hungry Homesteaders on Monday. Hundreds of people made lines to drive-thru, take-out, and eat-in.

There were even orange traffic cones and Sonic employees directing cars to make sure everything went smoothly.

Most people found themselves waiting between 30 and 40 minutes, but few seemed to mind.

Homesteaders had anticipated the opening for almost two years. The location, named Sonic Beach has several "stalls," pull-up parking spaces where diners can order their food and get it delivered by a Sonic employee on roller skates. You can then eat at leisure in your car, just like the good old days.

There is also a dining area decked out with patio furniture you would never expect at a fast-food restaurant as well as several flat screen televisions. Plus, there is a section of the dining area where tables and chairs are on a bed of sand. Sonic Beach, get it?

Overall the crowd seemed excited to finally get a chance to eat at Sonic, especially after watching it slowly come together over the past couple of years.

Here one Sonic customer explains why he came in his pajamas:

Sonic Beach
2425 NE 8th St., Homestead

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