Donut-Hole Beer? Coffee-Infused Suds? Meet the "Randall" at World of Beer Kendall This Weekend

Beer is delicious on its own. But when infused with coffee grinds, citrus fruits and hell -- even donut holes -- it's that much better. That's why Dogfish Head's Randall invention might be the best thing ever.

A Randall is a ridiculously awesome filter system that runs beer through any number of flavorful additions to create one-of-a-kind concoctions. World of Beer Kendall has one, and it is hosting its first Randall event this Saturday, dubbed New Beer's Eve.

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At this weekend's shindig, Kendall's World of Beer branch will release a host of new beers including Brooklyn Black Ops, Straffe Hendrik Heritage Oak Aged Quad 2011 and Orkney Dark Island Reserve in bottles; plus Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break, Cigar City Brewery Guanabana on tap and another Cigar City draft that will be streamed through the Randall.

"Basically the Randall attaches to the tap housing. The beer is flushed through two chambers, one chamber is basic filled with ingredients that I want the beer to be infused with it. l flush through that and it pulls the flavorings from those ingredients and then we pour it out into a pint glass," says WOB's product manager Zachary Rogers.

His full name, btw, is "Randall the Enamel Animal," and his first incarnation came about back in 2002 from the folks at Dogfish Head. He's gone through several evolutions since, and is now on version 3.0. They've even made a mini model. The brewery has remained mum on why they dubbed their invention Randall ... perhaps it's a family name, a long-lost pet, an ode to "randy" times?

As far as the mixture at WOB this weekend, it'll likely be Cigar City's Maduro flushed through a surprise addition, says Rogers. The possibilities include coffee grinds, donut holes, and coconut.

"You can use spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables. I've seen Dogfish Head's Midas Touch flushed through mint and lime to make a Margarita kind of beer. I've seen certain beers like pumpkin beers flushed through donut holes to make a chocolate pumpkin flavor," Rogers adds.

So. Many. Options. Stop by Saturday night for a little glimpse into Randall's world.

The Randall and new beer event kicks off on Saturday. Prices are per usual, though the Randall beers will likely have a $1 surcharge.

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