Antonio Banderas Wines Miami Up at Sunset Corners

Those eyes, that charm, and that voice. Yes, Antonio Banderas has spent decades making hearts pitter patter but the movie star has proven equally successful at his latest endeavor, wine maker. Antonio is in Miami this weekend introducing his Anta Banderas wines during the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival. He'll be signing bottles at Sunset Corners tomorrow but we caught up with him to ask about his latest love.

New Times: You're a well-known artist and wine is an art. When did your passion for wine begin?
Antonio Banderas: Wine is certainly an art. It involves culture, nature, history, and creative work, so it is easy to be passionate about it. I started to love wine at home, there was always a bottle at every meal.

How did you first become involved with Anta Banderas?
I always wanted to produce my own wine, but it requires time that I do not have. Then I found Anta Project. Maximum quality vineyards and grapes, and ultimate technology in the "bodega" (winery). I travelled with my family in 2008 and we loved the place and the team. The decision was made, it was a family winery, just what I was looking for.

Tell us a bit about the Ribero del Duero region in Spain.
Ribero del Duero is a popular growing region in Spain. Tempranillo, our classic variety, has become a Spanish symbol. The climate and situation of the region powers these grapes and gives them a "matador" character. But what people love from Ribero del Duero is the landscape full of castles from the middle ages. However, as everyone knows, there are a lot of great wines all over Spain, for instance, the ones made in my beloved Andalucia.

There's a certain romance to wine making, one has to love it. Can you tell us how involved you are in the process?
The technical part is for the Oenologyst, which I think is a real artist. I am involved in all decisions and processes, as if it were the education of my son.

What is the most surprising aspect of wine making that you've discovered?
The final result. I love and enjoy every single part from the harvest until the toss. But it is the very last moment when you can enjoy the time and hard work involved in the process, just like a film.

I know you are introducing Anta Banderas to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. What shops can we find it in Miami?
I just landed and we have our wines in the most important wine stores in Miami, like Sunset Corner.

If I wanted to have dinner in Miami and drink Anta Banderas where could I go?
There are many restaurants serving Anta Banderas wines, for example Ortanique, Rusty Pelican, Barceloneta, and Green Street.

Catch Antonio at Sunset Corners tomorrow Saturday, February 25 noon - 1p.m.

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