VMan Goes into the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders' Locker Room

VMan is a men's fashion magazine with a capital F, and like all such mags, it must reassure straight readership it's not gay. I mean, artsy shots of $2,000 shoes and such with a shot of sexually ambiguous Gossip Girl actor Chase Crawford on the cover. What better way to do this than with a spread featuring the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders titled "Sweeties of the Sunshine State"?

But it's not some cheap Maxim-ish T&A shot. VMan is the offshoot of V, which itself is the offshoot of Visionaire, the limited-edition magazine that goes for $125 an issue. Plus the spread was shot by photographer Abbey Drucker, so we're talking high-class, culturally informed T&A shots.

We've got a preview behind the cut. VMan Issue 12 is on newsstands now (and yes, it's totally okay to browse the Thom Browne suits and Dior Homme loafers, too. We won't tell anyone).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

Click for full size images.

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