Two New Jersey Women Arrested at Miami Airport for Beating and Kidnapping Friend

Three girlfriends from New Jersey flew to Miami for the Fourth of July weekend. Somehow two of them ended up being charged with the beating and bizarre kidnapping of the other. Unfortunately, for them, what happens in Miami doesn't necessarily stay in Miami.

Nelkis Alvarez, Tori Beato, Melissa Pineiro, Seligson Bryannt, and Michael Martin were all visiting from New Jersey and were staying at the Best Western on 12210 Biscayne Boulevard.

On the the night of July 4, everyone in the group but Alvarez went to Miami Beach. Alvarez stayed behind alone in the hotel room.

When the rest of the group returned, the two other women, Beato, 19, and Pineiro, 25, attacked Alvarez. Pineiro believed that Alvarez had slept with her boyfriend and straddled Alvarez on the bed and began to beat her. After Peineir's attack, Beato then told Alvarez that she heard she was "talking shit" about her and begin attacking her as well.

Alvarez locked herself in the bathroom for an hour while Beato and Pineiro pounded on the door and promised to beat her when she got out. She attempted to escape but was caught by the two women. The two demanded that she pack her belongings so they could catch their flight back to New Jersey, but also demanded that along the way that Alvarez empty her bank account and give them all of her money.

A cab arrived and all five, including the two men who were not charged, drove to a TD Bank. Alvarez took $20 out of her account and gave it to Pineiro. They then drove to the airport.

TSA agents noticed the bruises on Alvarez's face and her odd behavior in the security line. They took her aside, and Alvarez explained what had happened.

Pineiro admitted to the beating but denied charges that she held Alvarez against her will. She also said that the money taken out of the account was owed to her anyway. Beato, too, admitted to the beating, and to taking $13 that she believed was owed to her out of Alvarez's purse.

Beato and Pineiro were arrested and now face charges of battery, false imprisonment, kidnapping and petty theft.

CNN has video of the women attempting to pass through security:

[via HuffPoMiami]

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