Teen Arrested for Tweeting Miami Police That He'd Rape Children Claims It Was a Joke

A Miramar teen with almost as much time on his hands as he has growing up to do is in hot water after posting multiple tweets to the Miami Police Department claiming he would rape children. Of course, police responded, apparently to his surprise, and the 15-year-old now claims the tweets were a joke.

No one is laughing.

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Using the handle @5kurr (the account has since been deleted and reclaimed by another person who has left it blank), the teen tweeted "@MiamiPD I'm bout. to rape a lil girl high asf Hahahahahahhahahahahahaaayyahayya," on April 26.

No word on whether "high asf" means the teen was "high as fuck," but would anyone be surprised?

He continued to taunt the department with a follow-up tweet that read, "You guys I've been out here taking little girls and I hear no sirens? Um my avi doesn't scare you?"

The user's avatar was of a shadowy figure.

"I'm about to rape my little brother and put it on YouTube," the teen wrote once more.

Miami Police investigated the claims and issued a warrant for the teen's arrest May 7. He turned himself in May 15 and claimed the tweets were just jokes.

Miami PD naturally tweeted about the arrest.

The boy faces charges of making a false police report.

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