Parcells Could Royally Screw Dolphins if He So Wishes

Bill Parcells flies around the NFL like some sort of caped superhero saving distressed teams from the villainous forces of "sucking." After a successful year as the Dolphins VP of FB, in which he turned that team from the laughingstock of the league to something resembling an actual football team, some people speculated he couldn't resist using an escape clause in his contract to turn around the sad, winless Detroit Lions.

Parcells says he'll remain with the Fins for now, but ESPN reports the new wording of his contract basically means he can be like, "I'm so out of here," and still take leave with his full salary.

"Parcells has the option to depart without any restrictions, and the

team is required to pay him the financial balance of his original $12

million, four-year contract he signed in January 2008. Huizenga

communicated the contractual changes to Ross, who did not protest, a

league source said.

The unrestricted clause means Parcells has the option to take

other employment in or out of football without any standard "off-set,"

in which the amount he earns elsewhere is subtracted from the balance

of the money owed by the Dolphins, sources said.

If he ever joined another NFL organization, the Dolphins would not receive compensation under the arrangement, sources said."

Parcells has publicly stated he'll stay with the Fins until they're

back on their feet, but the threat that he could leave at basically any

time with no financial repercussions will loom.

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