Micky Arison Teases Internet With Miami Vice-Style Heat Jerseys

Thirty years after its debut, the pastel aesthetic of Miami Vice continues to define Miami. So much so that the logo's colors of teal and pink almost seem like the unofficial colors of the area. Therefore, it wasn't all that surprising when a Reddit user with some free time and Photoshop decided to give the Miami Heat a Vice-style makeover. 

What is surprising is that Heat owner Micky Arison found the photo edits and put them on social media. Now the internet is going crazy for the designs. 

Earlier this week Reddit user WelshNBAFan posted a few color palette-swap ideas to the Heat's subreddit. Here's the full gallery. In fact, he even did full rebranding and designed a Vice-themed court as well.  

The concept made its way around the internet and somehow got to Heat owner Micky Arison (or whoever helps run his social media), and Arison posted about the concept.

Unfortunately, the Heat's alternative jerseys are already set for the 2015-16 season, but perhaps this could take off in time for the 2016-17 season. 

Though pink is starting to pop up in various alternative color schemes as a way to bring breast cancer awareness, the color is still a rarity for American sports teams. In fact, the ABA's Miami Floridians were one of the few American professional sports teams in history to feature pink as one of its regular colors. The Miami Heat have on a few occasions before honored the Floridian's design with their own alternative jersey. Remember these? The Heat have gone full pink and '70s before. So why not go pink and '80s? 

A lot of fans are actually behind the idea. The comments on Arison's posts are almost universally positive with ample use of supportive emojis. Twitter is also impressed.  Unfortunately, as the Sun-Sentinel explains, the Heat won't be able to get these off the ground in time for this season: 
As for what the Heat will wear this coming season, according to the leaked draft of the Adidas "NBA New Identities" catalogue, the Heat also will wear alternate and "Hardwood Classic Nights" throwback jerseys with red lettering on a white base, a "stretch" version of their road uniform, in addition to their traditional home and road uniforms, and a Christmas uniform variety. The Heat are not listed among the teams that will wear short-sleeved "Pride" jerseys, but there is an expected return of their Latin Nights "El Heat" jerseys at midseason.
But maybe in time for the season after? 

And, hey, if you happen to be a person launching a brand new sporting franchise in Miami that has yet to introduce any visual aesthetics, it appears that teal and pink are pretty popular. Are you listening, David Beckham? In fact, the Palm Beach Post reported last year that Miami Vice concept art had already been worked up by Beckham's company as one of several concepts. The Heat probably won't turn to pink and teal full time, but perhaps one local sports team will.
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Kyle Munzenrieder