Miami FC Might Not Be Playing Next Year: USSL Won't Sanction Either Second Tier Soccer League

Not that anyone really pays attention, but Miami FC has been playing in the United Soccer League since the team's founding in 2006.

USL was the second tier in America's soccer pyramid, but since, unlike other countries, there's no promotion or relegation, they're basically the minor league to America's most minor major sports league, the MLB.

Miami FC joined a number of other USL teams in breaking away and trying to form a rival North American Soccer League. Because, apparently Americans can't get enough of second tier soccer that we needed two leagues to ignore, not just one.

The result is that neither league is in good condition, and the United States Soccer Federation voted not to sanction either. The leagues now have seven days to find a solution, and the Federation is hoping that they just resume operation as one league again. Because honestly, one second tier league is embarrassment enough. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder