Man Named "Stoner" Arrested for Running Grow House in Tampa Bay

Most people named Baker don't actually knead bread for a living. Nor do many Smiths actually forge metal. Though, apparently some people named Stoner live up to their name (and not in a way that has anything to do with rocks).

Police in Clearwater, Florida have arrested Glenn H. Stoner after finding a small stash of pot plants growing in his home. Stoner claimed he smoked all of the pot cultivated by the mini-marijuana forest himself. A Stoner indeed.

Stoner was arrested on Tuesday after Clearwater Police obtained a permit to search his home. Along with the 19 plants they found growing equipment, an irrigation system, and fertilizer. Stoner has a roommate but told police that he smoked all the pot himself. All of it. Every last bud.

This is Stoner's second arrest on pot-related charges. He was busted in 2006 for possession and manufacture of the drug.

Police believe Stoner's operation was done solo. Though, we image if he had co-defendants their names would be something like Mary Jane Stems, Johnny S. Token, Tom "Hempy" Greenweed, and James Blunt (yes, probably that annoying singer bro).

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