Man Arrested for Batman Theater Scare Says He Was Just Mad at Someone Texting Too Much

David Martin Escamillo, the man arrested this week for causing a panic during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Regal cinema in South Beach, says he never intended to scare his fellow movie goers and was just angry at a man who was texting too much during the screening.

"It's almost like you're in 'Alice in Wonderland' and you don't believe its happening but it's happening, it makes me sick to my stomach," he told NBC 6 yesterday.

Escamillo was observed walking up and down the theater's stairways during the movie on Monday night. He then exited the film, and returned. He was heard yelling, "This is it," and was then captured by fellow movie goers.

Escamillo said he was angry at a man who was texting too much throughout the movie. The two had a confrontation during a bathroom break, and the man threatened him.

Escamillo was apparently eager to leave early, and was trying to find his friend. He said he only said "This is it," because he was trying to tell his friend that it was the end of the movie.

Escamillo also says that he heard someone else say he had a gun, and that's why he was screaming, "I didn't shoot anybody" when police arrived.

Police noticed that Escamillo seemed intoxicated and smelled of alcohol at the time.

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