LeBron James Doesn't Care for Pat Riley's "Nonsense"

After the surprise and sudden dissolution of Miami's Big Three last summer, everyone involved tried to keep their head held high about it, publicly at least. LeBron James was returning home. The Heat still had a strong core of talent. Of course, fast forward to nine months later, and LeBron and his Cavaliers claimed a second seed in the playoffs. The Miami Heat meanwhile are sitting on the outside of the post-season for the first time in seven years. It was only time until a little shade was thrown, and Heat President Pat Riley made the opening salvos yesterday at his post-season press conference. 

Riley was asked by a reporter whether this offseason may move more smoothly now that he knows that the main pieces of his roster are in fact staying in place. 

"Yes, yeah," Riley responded after a second of thought. "'No more smiling faces with hidden agendas. Ok, so, we'll be going in clean." 

Though, Riley did clarify later on in the conference that he was "at peace" with how LeBron left the team. 

Naturally, everyone assumed that Riley's "hidden agendas" comment was directed at LeBron, because, well, who else could he have been talking about? So of course, a reporter decided to ask LeBron about it today during a media session after Cavs practice. 

I'm unaware," James said of Riley's comments. "Whatever he said, really, to me, it's not my concern now."

"I don't care about nonsense he said," he continued. "There's too much nonsense out there. Not during this time. I lock in right now, and I don't need nothing creeping into my mind for no reason that doesn’t need to be there. I save all my energy and effort towards this team. That's all that matters."

While its not exactly reality TV-grade drama, it is some of the biggest war of public words we've seen since James split Miami. Though, it only seems inevitable it would happen some time. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder