In a new WalletHub survey, Hialeah ranked near the bottom of U.S. cities for physical activity.
In a new WalletHub survey, Hialeah ranked near the bottom of U.S. cities for physical activity.
photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons

Hialeah Among Worst Cities in America for Active Lifestyles

It's the first week of January, so you know the drill: Gyms are packed with noobs misusing the squat racks, out-of-shape joggers are huffing along every beachside trail, and Miami's doctors are doing steady business in freshly pulled hamstrings. But some parts of Miami need to re-up those new year's fitness resolutions more than others. 

We're looking at you, Hialeah. Dade County's second-largest city is among the worst in America for living an active lifestyle, according to a new study from WalletHub

The site surveyed the 100 most populated cities in America on 24 metrics "from the average monthly fitness club fee to the number of sports clubs per capita." Hialeah came in 91st overall.

The study broke its criteria into two main categories: "Budget and Participation" looked at the local cost of activities such as tennis court rentals and gym memberships, along with the rate of participation in events like pick-up soccer and Little League; "Sports Facilities and Outdoor Environment," meanwhile, tracked the number of facilities like basketball courts and golf courses.

Hialeah ranked low in both measurements, coming in 78th in Budget and Participation and 87th in Sports Facilities and Outdoor Environment. (Which perhaps isn't a surprise in a city recently accused of letting a high-profile athlete turn a public park into a private, for-profit clinic space.)  

The city also ranked dead last in one individual category: the number of park playgrounds per capita.

Hialeah's poor rankings are even more startling considering how well the other Florida cities did. Orlando and Tampa came in at number two and three, respectively, trailing only Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The city of Miami, meanwhile, came in a middling 40th place. But perhaps the most surprising finding in the whole study is that Miami tied for last in the nation for the lowest number of basketball courts per capita. What would U.D. say?  

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