George Rekers Will Take Trips with his Wife From Now On, NARTH Continues to Sever Ties

Apparently when a Christianity Today story on our George Rekers scandal story went up yesterday at around noon, the doctor was still listed as a member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality's Scientific Advisor Committee. A quick look today reveals that he's been scrubbed even from the list, meaning NARTH, a group that advocates homosexuality can and should be cured, has cut all its ties with Rekers. Rekers was caught traveling with a gay escort who claims that he was instructed to give Rekers nude massages once a day. 

Rekers refused to talk to CT by phone,  "Because this has become a legal matter concerning defamation," however he did email the magazine.

He says he'll no longer hire anyone who could possible work as a gay escort to accompany him on trips, and "said that his wife will be retiring soon and will accompany him on trips when their sons are unavailable." Rekers has maintained that he can't carry luggage due to surgery, and only hired "Lucien," the rent boy as a travel companion to tend to his baggage. 

Though, Rekers did say one good thing came out of all this. 

"One thing for which I am grateful is that my travel assistant openly shared his spiritual doubts with me during the trip and he did let me share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him with many Scriptures in three extended conversations," Rekers wrote.

However, he did apologize for his bad decisions.

"I confessed to the Lord and to my family that I was unwise and wrong to hire this travel assistant after knowing him only one month before the trip and not knowing whether he was more than a person raised in a Christian home," Rekers said. "I also confessed to the Lord and to my family the sin of thereby putting myself into a vulnerable situation where I tragically became subject to false allegations."

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